Alloy Manufacturers To Reduce Procurement Price Of V2O5 Flakes At present, the market as a whole is waiting for the procurement of steel plants before the festival, with a small number of transactions. In the deadlocked market, suppliers have to reduce the price to sell in order to make a deal. Therefore, the transaction prices of some vanadium products have dropped slightly recently.
After the transaction price of V2O5 flake with 95000 yuan/ton by cash, the FeV and VN alloy plants continued to press down the price and purchased V2O5 flake at the price of 94500 yuan / ton by cash. a small number of transactions were made in the market. However, most of the spot suppliers are still resistant to this low price, and it is expected to become difficult to continue to depress the price in the later market.
The spot quotation of ferrovanadium is mainly at 100000-101000 yuan / ton by cash. The bidding price of Nanjing Steel has brought a strong negative sentiment to the market. The steel plants offer low price and few inquiries. The price of large factories who directly supply to steel plants is about 101000-102000 yuan/ ton by acceptance. The difference between the price of imported FeV50 and domestic price is not large, and the maximum price is up to 99000 yuan/ ton by cash. At present, most of the current spot goods in port are mostly the import orders with high prices in the early stage. Therefore, the profits of importers have been greatly reduced. The low transaction price of VN alloy is currently at 147000 yuan / ton by cash. Some small steel plants purchase at this price. The quotation of most VN alloy manufacturers is 148000-150000 yuan/ ton by cash, and the purchasing price of steel plant is about 151000 yuan / ton by acceptance. The low price continues to stimulate the manufacturers to purchase raw materials with a lower price. However, it is expected that the price space of raw materials is limited. Alloy manufacturers should hold the position of not hanging upside down in steel plant bidding.