An investor’s guide to understanding vanadium deposits

Date: Dec 12, 2018

Unlike gold where you can get a firm idea of a project’s value from grade and width, other minerals like vanadium can be harder to assess.

Vanadium expert and Australian Vanadium (ASX:AVL) technical manager Todd Richardson told Small Caps that when it comes to evaluating a vanadium deposit, much more than grade comes into play including the proposed processing route and the amount and type of minerals present.

“With gold, you can look at different deposits and have an idea of the value from the grade, because the processes are all the same,” Mr Richardson said.

“You know exactly how much it is going to cost to process this gold.”

“Vanadium is totally different. It’s almost the other way around,” he explained.

Several advanced vanadium explorers have created their own proprietary processing technology including TNG (ASX: TNG) with its TIVAN technology, which the company anticipates will produce titanium dioxide, vanadium and iron products.

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