Analysis On Ferrovanadium Operating Rate And Output Statistics In February 2020 In February, FEV manufacturers generally stopped production in the first ten days of February, and gradually returned to work in the last ten days of February. The operating rate recovered slowly, but the overall output was greatly reduced compared with that in January. In terms of price, the reduction of supply at the same time corresponds to the weak demand of steel mills. The supply of FEV market is still sufficient in the short term, and the price trend is weak.

According to the incomplete statistics of 37 ferrovanadium production enterprises, there were about 15 enterprises in February, with an enterprise operating rate of about 40.5%, 8.1% lower than the previous month, and a production of about 2560 tons, 920 tons lower than the previous month. Eight of the 15 FEV plants in Liaoning Province have been restored to work.

Product Operating rate Change MOM Output(Ton) Change MOM(Ton)
FEV 40.5% ↓8.1% 2560 ↓920