Australia Veccogroup Plans to Develop Vanadium Mine to Produce V205

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 14 Aug 19 – Australia Veccogroup is developing a major vanadium mine now to produce V205 for battary and steel industry.

“We are developing debella vanadium mine project in Australia. We will produce V205 for vanadium electrolyte and steel industry from early 2021. The annual production capacity is 9,000t,” said the CEO from this company. Considering the scale of production is significant, if they start to produce, they will be a gloable primary producer of vanadium electrolyte for battery manufacturing industry.

The debella vanadium project is Veccogroup’s flagship asset. located near Julia Creek in the world class North-West Queensland energy and minerals province. It contains a high grade (up to 0.8% V2O5), large JORC vanadium resource.

Currently, mainstream prices for Australian vanadium pentoxide flake 98%min stand at USD6.7-7.0/lb V2O5 in EXW D/P, up by USD0.2/lb V2O5 from last week.