AVL and VSUN collaborate with Australian research centre on Vanadium extraction

Date: Nov 23, 2018

Australian Vanadium (AVL) and VSUN Energy have signed an agreement to work with the Future Batteries Industry Cooperative Research Centre (FBI CRC) on developing vanadium extraction and processing skills, particularly in Western Australia.

The FBI CRC aims to create and build an energy storage battery industry in Australia while also securing supply of the necessary battery metals. Meanwhile, AVL’s expertise in the extraction and processing of vanadium will help the three entities to tap into Australia’s vast mineral resources. AVL has already produced vanadium electrolyte in Australia.

VSUN Energy will also share its expertise on vanadium redox flow batteries.

The FBI CRC’s focus on batteries for Australia is being driven by Curtin University, with help from partners such as Tianqi Lithium, the Government of Western Australia, BHP, Pilbara Minerals, University of Western Australia and Murdoch University.

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