CAC allows movement of royalty paid ore from jetties after SC order

Date: Apr 10, 2018

It is reported that following Supreme Court order, the Cabinet Advisory Committee decided to allow the movement of ore on which royalty has been paid from the jetties till the ports. The CAC, which met exclusively on this issue, has, however, placed some conditions for transportation. The CAC note reads that “Transportation of ore will be allowed from jetties having exclusive royalty paid ore stored prior to 15/03/2018 and so also having royalty paid ore transported from stockyards after 16/03/2018.”

The note further said that the permission or clearance of Directorate of Mines is independent of the permission to be obtained through GSPCB that has independently been notified of the Apex Court order.

CAC member Urban Development Minister Francis D’Souza said that the CAC feels that the mining companies that did not go to the Apex Court would need HC permission for transportation. Mr D’Souza told Herald that “Though the Apex Court order is in general, the companies other than those that went to court, should seek permission from the HC before transportation.”

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