CellCube Energy Storage System, Inc., CEO Mike Neylan Joins Uptick Newswire’s ‘Stock Day’ Podcast With Everett Jolly

Date: Sep 5, 2018

PHOENIX, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CellCube Energy Storage System, Inc. (OTC:CECBF) (the “Company”), CEO Mike Neylan is discussing large-scale energy storage on the latest “Stock Day” podcast with Uptick Newswire’s Everett Jolly.

Neylan is in charge of a company that is the world’s top supplier of Vanadium-flow batteries. In the podcast, Neylan details the worldwide growth of his company’s CellCube batteries.

CellCube has installed its energy storage systems in about 130 places across 24 countries. Neylan tells Jolly that Vanadium-flow batteries are the preferred battery for large-scale energy storage. Those batteries have life spans for up to 30 years.

CellCube’s Vanadium deposit in Nevada has an indicated resource estimated at almost 12 million tons of high grade vanadium pentoxide, leading to an even more promising future for the new technology, despite a recent rise in Vanadium prices.

Neylan says the battery technology is not meant for smaller devices, like cellphones and tablets, but provides large-scale energy storage to the power grid to more efficiently distribute its energy needs throughout the day.

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About CellCube:

CellCube’s acquisition of the assets of Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH has transformed CellCube and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Enerox GmbH, into a leading integrated resource and energy storage company. Together with the company’s recent acquisition of Jet Power & Control Systems Ltd. (now renamed EnerCube Switchgear Systems Inc.) and Hillcroft Consulting Ltd. (renamed PowerHaz Energy Mobile Solutions Inc.) and its investment in Braggawatt Energy Inc., CellCube is gearing up to deliver fully vertically integrated energy storage solutions to utilities and independent power producers for both stand-alone energy storage projects as well as projects where energy storage enhances the value proposition from renewable energy generation.

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