Chinese ammonium metavanadate prices down

Date: Mar 2, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 2 Mar 18 – Mainstream prices for ammonium metavanadate 98%min are in the range of RMB158,000-163,000/t (USD11.37-11.73/lb V) EXW D/P, down by RMB2,000/t (USD0.14/lb V) from early this week. Consumers postponed entering the market for purchase, leading to sluggish transactions on the ammonium metavanadate market. But due to increase of prices for vanadium products in the international market and tight spot supply of raw material in domestic vanadium market, it is predicted that prices for Chinese vanadium products would keep firm in the coming week.

“Now the ammonium metavanadate market sees weak demand, so it is normal for price declining. But steel mills gradually carry out biddings now and prices for vanadium products in the international market are also rising, so I expect that transactions for Chinese vanadium products would become active and the prices would keep firm,” revealed a producer from North China, adding that their company quotes RMB160,000/t (USD11.51/lb V) EXW D/P for ammonium metavanadate 98%min at the moment and in order to promote concluding deals, they can accept a discount of RMB2,000/t (USD0.14/lb V) at most according to purchase amount and payment clauses of customers. As they are optimistic about the market outlook, they refuse to accept orders at prices below this bottom price.

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