Chinese powder vanadium prices expected to rise stably

Date:Jun 14, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 14 Jun 18 – Currently, prices for Chinese raw material vanadium prices moved up due to severely tight supply of raw material in Chinese vanadium market. Mainstream prices for Chinese powder vanadium 98%min jumped up to RMB196,000-200,000/t (USD14.18-14.47/lb V) EXW D/P, up sharply by RMB9,000/t (USD0.65/lb V) from last week. Suppliers still hold strong intentions to raise prices with active enquiries from consumers, so it is expected that prices for Chinese powder vanadium would keep stable uptrend in long time.

A producer in South China said that they offer RMB198,000/t (USD14.33/lb V) EXW D/P for powder vanadium 98%min now, up by RMB9,000/t (USD0.65/lb V) from last week. He said, “In the past week, we have received many inquiries from consumers. However, because of the severe environmental protection situation, we cannot produce so many goods and at most deliver concluded orders on time. We conduct pre-sale now and products are already ordered when they are still in production, so there will be no backlog of any inventory at all. I think that prices for powder vanadium would keep rising for a long time.” They last sold 10t of powder vanadium 98%min at RMB198,000/t (USD14.33/lb V) EXW D/P this Wednesday.

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