Chinese powder vanadium prices firm

Date:May 23, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 23 May 18 – Currently, mainstream prices for Chinese powder vanadium 98%min hold at RMB183,000-187,000/t (USD13.31-13.60/lb V) EXW D/P, up by RMB1,000/t (USD0.07/lb V) from last week. Due to strict environmental inspections, producers generally cut output and the supply of powder vanadium is nearly as tight as that of vanadium pentoxide flake. Market participants hold stable attitudes and expected that prices for Chinese powder vanadium would keep firm in the coming week.

A producer in South China said that the lowest price for powder vanadium 98%min that they can accept now stands at RMB184,000/t (USD13.38/lb V) EXW D/P. He said, “Now our powder vanadium stocks have been sold out and we can make delivery after at least three weeks for new orders. In general, prices for powder vanadium are lower by RMB2,000/t (USD0.15/lb V) than those of vanadium pentoxide flake, but due to strict environmental inspections currently, all producers cannot open operations, so sale prices for powder vanadium may even exceed those of vanadium pentoxide flake. I expect that prices for Chinese powder vanadium would keep firm and might pick up to over RMB190,000/t (USD13.81/lb V) under optimistic situation in the coming week.” They last sold 15t of powder vanadium 98%min at RMB183,000/t (USD13.31 /lb V) EXW D/P early last week.

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