Chinese vanadium nitride prices hit a record high in a decade

Date: Sep 26, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 26 Sep 18 – Due to tight supply for raw material vanadium pentoxide, prices for downstream vanadium products rose, among which vanadium nitride prices showed the strongest momentum. Up to now, mainstream prices for Chinese vanadium nitride have risen to RMB519,000-522,000/t (USD98.05-98.62/kg V) Inc-VAT EXW D/P, up by RMB69,000/t (USD13.04/kg V) from last week. Most producers are out of stocks now, so prices for Chinese vanadium nitride are expected to rise rapidly in the coming week.

A producer in South China said that as they have no spot products now, the earliest time they could accept orders might be after the National Day holiday. They offer RMB540,000/t (USD102.02/kg V) for vanadium nitride at present, up by RMB80,000/t (USD15.11/kg V) from last week. He noted, “It is extremely difficult to get the raw material vanadium pentoxide at present, and the quotation for vanadium pentoxide flake 80%min from Pangang Group has risen to RMB315,000/t (USD21.21/kg V) but the plant has no spot products. Pangang Group is the only raw material producer with a clear quotation at present, other suppliers even stopped making quotations due to their limited stocks.” The source revealed that they last sighed a supply contract for 10t of vanadium nitride at RMB520,000/t (USD98.24/kg V) last Thursday. He predicted that Chinese vanadium nitride prices would move up to RMB560,000/t (USD105.79/kg V) next week.

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