Chinese vanadium nitride prices skyrocket

Date: Oct 23, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 23 Oct 18 – At present, the mainstream prices of Chinese vanadium nitride skyrocket to RMB797,000-800,000/t (USD149.22-149.79/kg V) Inc-VAT EXW D/A 180 days, up by RMB83,000/t(USD15.54/kg V) from last week. As downstream screw steel prices keep high, steel mills have strong demand for the raw material vanadium nitride. It’s believed the prices will continue to increase in the coming week.

A consumer in North China claimed that the price of vanadium nitride they received from their regular supplier is RMB800,000/t(USD149.79/kg V) at present, up by RMB80,000/t (USD14.98/kg V) from last week. “We prepare to purchase 50t vanadium nitride from local suppliers in the next few day. We could accept this price level, because downstream screw steel is a lucrative market at the moment,” said the source. He added, one of their regular vanadium nitride suppliers offers RMB820,000/t(USD153.53/kg V) already, and he thinks the prices will continue to increase in the coming week. Their last deal was made two months ago, when they purchased 90t at RMB418,000/t(USD78.26/kg V).

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