Chinese vanadium-nitrogen alloy prices flat

Date: Jan 26, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 26 Jan 18 – Currently, Chinese vanadium market sees sluggish demand with quiet transactions. Mainstream prices for Chinese vanadium-nitrogen alloy stabilize at RMB287,000-290,000/t (USD58.93-59.55/kg V) EXW D/P, unchanged from last week.  Market participants expect that prices for Chinese vanadium-nitrogen alloy would keep flat in the coming week.

A producer in South China said, “Now prices for upstream raw material vanadium pentoxide hold at RMB180,000/t (USD13.18/kg V) EXW D/P and downstream vanadium-nitrogen alloy consumers make few purchases, leading to stable prices for vanadium-nitrogen alloy for the moment.  I believe that the price would not change much before the Spring Festival and would continue to edge up after the holiday with consumers entering market for purchase.” They offer RMB290,000/t (USD59.55/kg V) delivered D/P now and can accept a bid of RMB1,000/t (USD0.21/kg V) at most according to purchase volume and payment terms of customers, refusing orders at prices below the lowest price.

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