Chinese vanadium pentoxide flake market sees high prices but few deals

Date: Sep 14, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 14 Sep 18 – At present, Chinese vanadium pentoxide flake market is in a tight supply. Some downstream producers of ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy were forced to stop production as they cannot get the raw material. So the supply for vanadium pentoxide flake failed to meet the market demand, and the market saw high prices but few deals. The mainstream prices for vanadium pentoxide flake 98%min were RMB285,000-288,000/t (USD19.27-19.48/t) Inc-VAT EXW D/P, up by RMB13,000/t (USD0.88/lb V) from last week. Market participants predicted that the price are expected to be over RMB300,000/t (USD20.29/lb V).

A consumer in South China noted that they purchase vanadium pentoxide flake as the raw material to produce vanadium-nitrogen alloy. The offer they receive for vanadium pentoxide flake 98%min from suppliers is RMB300,000/t (USD20.29/lb V) at present, up by RMB25,000/t (USD1.69/lb V)from last week. He said, “Currently, it is difficult to purchase vanadium pentoxide flake. The offer we received from a producer with spot products in Northeast China was RMB300,000/t (USD20.29/lb V), but we planned to wait on the sidelines temporarily as the prices rose too fast. Actually, the price was obviously beyond our target prices of around RMB285,000/t (USD19.27/lb V).” They last purchased 90t of the material at RMB275,000/t (USD18.60/lb V) in late August. The source showed that the steel mills having corporated with them for a long time revealed that the highest price for vanadium-nitrogen alloy could be RMB480,000/t (USD91.05/lb V) Inc-VAT delivered D/A six months. Considering that prices for vanadium-nitrogen alloy have a large room to increase, he predicted that the vanadium pentoxide flake market could see bulk orders concluded at RMB300,000t (USD20.29/lb V) in the coming week.

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