Cut horrendous Eskom salaries to decrease electricity prices

Date: May 3, 2018

It is with absolute horror that I am reading Noseweek’s article that Eskom is 66% overstaffed with a salary average of R700 000 pa.

Let’s say this is overstated and Eskom is only overstaffed by 40% and a quick calculation will reveal the estimated amount of tax funds being wasted. Eskom has approximately 47 600 staff. 40% of that is 19040 x R700 000,00 pa = R13,328 billion. Keep in mind that all of them have offices, computers and cars. The amount is staggering.

Another quick calculation, if Eskom’s lowest paid staff is getting R20 000 per month and they make up around 50% of employees, the rest must earn about R100 000 per month (doing what?).

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