Enabling the Shift Towards the Economy of Electricity: A Webinar with StorEn Technologies

Date: Jul 09, 2018

The shift to renewable energy continues, despite uncertainty about the direction of U.S. policy under the current administration. Solar, wind, hydro, and more are key components of our renewables conversation. But it’s equally important to consider the storage solution.

StorEn Technologies is in the process of validating its vanadium flow battery prototype with promising results. The company’s batteries provide energy storage for residential, industrial, and telecom/data center applications, and we’ll be hosting an in-depth webinar with Founder and CEO of StorEn, Carlo Brovero on Wednesday, July 11, at 12pm EST (US).

What makes StorEn Technologies vanadium flow batteries different? Some of the benefits of StorEn’s vanadium flow battery design include the following:

  • Increased power density of the stack — that is, the amount of power the stack will deliver in relation to its size.
  • Ability to reduce the size of the stack, since the power density is increased.
  • And with smaller plates able to have performance parity with larger sizes, fewer materials such as membranes are required, lowering materials’ cost by as much as 50%.

This webinar will feature a presentation by StorEn’s Carlo Brovero, in conversation with Zachary Shahan, Director of CleanTechnica. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • How Vanadium Flow Batteries work for both residential and commercial applications
  • How vanadium compares to lithium, and how/when each type of battery is best utilized to capture its strength
  • Technology behind vanadium flow and why it can be a safer, easier, more efficient option for various operational needs.

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