Eskom “Black Businesses Only” Academy – Here Is What Is Behind This Decision

Empowering business owners from previously disadvantaged communities is behind Eskom’s decision to limit its new contractor academy programme to black-owned businesses.

The Eskom Contractor Training Academy was established as a specific corporate social investment (CSI) initiative aimed at developing and empowering contractors and suppliers.

It forms part of Eskom’s support of the government’s initiative for job creation, skills development, and poverty alleviation.

The academy was established with the aim to equip “all emerging contractors with relevant competencies to sustain and grow their businesses”.

Inviting entities owned and managed by black people
Eskom has launched a promotion where it is “inviting entities owned and managed by black people to submit the required documents for the contractor academy programme”.

MyBroadband received questions from some readers about Eskom’s decision to exclude white business owners from its latest contractor academy programme.

In response to questions from MyBroadband, Eskom explained that its contractor academy has been specifically developed to empower business owners from previously disadvantaged communities.

Eskom highlighted that its academy programme is open to businesses which are owned and managed by black, Indian, and coloured people.

It added that Eskom did accommodate white students, participants, and beneficiaries in the past, but this changed for its latest programme.

“Selection committees in the respective provinces determine the selection criteria based on the biggest need in the province,” Eskom said.