Eskom Expects No Load Shedding On Monday

Eskom released a power update on Sunday evening saying that it did not expect to implement load shedding on Monday even though the possibility of load shedding for the rest of the week remained high.
On Sunday the power utility was able to suspend load shedding altogether by 12:00 noon as a result of low demand and improved system capacity, according to a previous power update.
“Following improvements in the generation system during the weekend, no load shedding is expected tomorrow (Monday).
“The much-improved generation system performance, coupled with low weekend demand, has allowed for sufficient recovery of emergency generation reserves,” the update said.
The power utility said unplanned breakdowns or outages were at 10 292 MW at 16:10 and planned maintenance outages were at 6552 MW.
The utility urged South Africans to continue managing electricity consumption and demand as the week progressed.