European Ferrovanadium Price Keeps Declining Slightly According to the latest data released yesterday, ferrovanadium price in European market continues to edge down, and the market transaction price has been lowered 30.6(↓0.2)-31.1(↓0.9)/kg vanadium, converting to 50# ferrovanadium is about CNY 109,300(↓900)-111,100(↓3,400)/t. The European market price for vanadium pentoxide keeps at USD 7.25-8.25/lb vanadium pentoxide, converting to 98% vanadium pentoxide is about CNY 112,000/t- CNY 127,400/t. The price of American ferrovanadium is stable at USD 14.80-15.50/ lb.

If the current average price of RMB is CNY 110,000/t, the import price including tariff and value-added tax price is about CNY 130,000/t. At present, the transaction cash price in the domestic market is not less than CNY 135,000/t, and there is little profit margin. However, faced with the uncertainty of the market and the competitiveness of the domestic ferrovanadium market, imported ferrovanadium has been sold at present, with the transaction price of about CNY 136,000-137,000/t by cash.