European vanadium market slows down during summer holidays

Date: Aug 02, 2018 On August 1, European ferrovanadium prices decreased on low end to 81.0(↓0.7)-83 $/kg V. And on July 27, European vanadium pentoxide prices were reduced, now sitting at 19-19.65(↓0.2) $/lb V2O5, and American ferrovanadium prices incrased to 39.0(↑0.4)-39.5$/lb V.

Meanwhile, on July 26, Chinese ferrovanadium 78% min export prices rose to 80(↑1.0)-83 $/kg V, fob China, and Chinese V2O5 98% min prices increased to 18.5-19.3(↑0.3) $/lb V2O5, fob China.

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