Glencore Third Quarter 2021 Production Report

Production highlights
Own sourced copper production of 895,500 tonnes was 39,200 tonnes (4%) below the comparable 2020 period, reflecting lower mined grades at various operations. Approximately half this variance relates to lower copper by-product at non-Copper department assets.
Own sourced zinc production of 855,800 tonnes was in line with the comparable 2020 period. Recovery from 2020 Covid restrictions was offset by temporarily lower Kazzinc production pending the ramp-up of the recently commissioned Zhairem mine.
Own sourced nickel production of 71,100 tonnes was 10,700 tonnes (13%) lower than the comparable 2020 period due to planned maintenance at Murrin Murrin and various operating issues at Koniambo.
Attributable ferrochrome production of 1,071,000 tonnes was 420,000 tonnes (65%) higher than the comparable 2020 period, reflecting that operations were suspended for much of Q2 2020 due to the South African national lockdown, with a period of ramp-up thereafter.
Coal production of 76.3 million tonnes was 7.2 million tonnes (9%) lower than the comparable 2020 period, reflecting a full period of Prodeco care and maintenance, the progressive recovery from the market-related reductions across the Australian portfolio initiated in H2 2020 and lower domestic production/demand in South Africa.
Entitlement interest oil production of 4.1 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) was 0.8 million boe (23%) higher than the comparable 2020 period. This mainly reflects the gas phase of a project in Equatorial Guinea that commenced in February 2021, and a full period contribution from the new Cameroon well. The Chad fields remained on care and maintenance throughout 2021.