Good Vanadium Inquiry And Weak Operation Of Vanadium Alloy After the centralized steel bidding, the VN alloy manufacturers who received orders gradually actively inquired for raw materials. With the gradually clear price range of the alloy end, the price of V2O5 flakes fluctuated slightly at about 94500 yuan / ton after last week’s weak downward trend. At present, the transactions in bulk market are in good condition, and the delivery price is about 94400-94600 yuan / ton by cash, and the price of vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers is mostly 94000 yuan / ton by cash , the spot holders of V2O5 flake have a low willingness to ship at this price, most of them need to quote 94500-94800 yuan / ton by cash, and only some futures are willing to sign at this price.

In terms of alloy, according to the manufacturers, the price of VN alloy recently received the inquiry is only RMB 145000-146000 / ton by acceptance, referring to the purchase price of Benxi steel for inquiry. But the hard cost of V2O5 flakes cannot be reduced in a short time, and most manufacturers are unwilling to accept the order. Due to the late resumption of production of ferrovanadium manufacturers, most of them mainly pay documents. The transaction price in bulk market is 100000 yuan / ton by cash, and a small amount of inquiry price is 98000 yuan / ton by cash.

In terms of large raw materials manufacturers, Jianlong and Desheng said that the price of 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance would be maintained in March, and Tranvic said that they expected to price and ship next week. At the beginning of the month, there was no large V2O5 flakes supply market for large factories, which made the demand for V2O5 flakes in recent days perform well, and the price could stop falling, thus supporting the V2O5 flakes market. After the large factories released the products, the supply of V2O5 flakes in the market would be relatively sufficient, but it is expected that the price of V2O5 flakes will not go down too much in this month. Ferrovanadium, vanadium nitrogen alloy have to face the situation of weakening demand in the middle of the month, and the pressure on the alloy end this month is difficult to reduce.