Hardey Resources appoints consultant to review vanadium mine

Date: Jul 24, 2018

The company has an exclusive 40-day option to acquire the Nelly vanadium mine.

Hardey Resources Ltd (ASX:HDY) has appointed SRK Consulting to conduct a geological review of the Nelly vanadium mine in Argentina.

The review is part of the expedited due diligence process in motion and SRK will take the lead alongside local geologists, Condor Prospecting.

Earlier this month, Hardey entered into a share sale agreement to acquire the Nelly vanadium mine subject to a 40-day due diligence period.

Hardey’s executive chairman Terence Clee said: “We are delighted to have secured SRK Consulting’s services to conduct an expedited geological review of Nelly Vanadium Mine in Argentina.

“Working closely with our experienced in-country geology team from Condor Prospecting, the Board looks forward to receiving regular updates as due diligence moves in to top gear over the next four weeks.”

Report with recommendations within four weeks

The combined due diligence consultants, being led by SRK, will be expected to produce a final report with recommendations within four weeks.

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