Import Statistics Of Vanadium Products And Ferroniobium In July 2020 In July 2020, the domestic import volume of vanadium pentoxide remained at a high level of 676 tons. Compared with June, the import volume of 50# ferrovanadium was significantly increased by about 170 tons, and the import volume of 80# ferrovanadium was nearly doubled. Compared with June, the import of ferroniobium decreased by more than half, declined from 5343 tons last month to 2067 tons.

Product Import in July(ton) Vs June
V2O5 676.001 ↓103.002
FeV50 379.446 ↑169.446
FeV80 156.5 ↑75.5
Brazil FeNb 2067.176 ↓3275.824