International soaring vanadium prices are yet to catch up with China

Date: Jan 08, 2018 International vanadium market keep uptrend recently. According to latest news, Euroepan ferrovanadium 78% min prices surge to 49.5(↑3)-52(↑2.5)$/kg V and vanadium pentoxide 98% min prices soar to 9.9(↑0.3)–10.2(↑0.3)$/lb V205. Meanwhile, American ferrovanadium increase to 22.25(↑1.55)-23.35(↑1.85)$/lb V. European vanadium prices are equivalent to 160500(↑9400)-168600(↑7600) rmb/ton for Chinese ferrovanadium 50% and 138700(↑2400)-143700(↑2400)rmb/ton for Chinese vanadium pentoxide falke 98%.

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