International Vanadium Prices Have Been At A Low Level For A Long Time In July, the prices of vanadium edge up, and domestic vanadium pentoxide price goes up to CNY 160,000/t by cash.While, the vanadium prices in Europe are difficult to be unified with the domestic prices, converting to CNY 30,000-40,000/t which is lower than domestic prices. The export market is difficult to make deals. On the one hand, Europe is on the summer break, trading is sluggish; on the other hand, terminal demand is weak, European vanadium prices are difficult to rise. Similarly, in August, vanadium prices begin to fall, and international prices drop slightly, making it difficult to harmonize with domestic prices. If the international market refers to the European vanadium prices, then it will be difficult to purchase.

If there is no demand stimulus in the short term, the price gap between domestic and foreign vanadium will remain rigid for some time, and the export market will still be dominated by long orders, and retail orders will continue to decrease.