Ironveld plc (IRON) Moved Up 3.846% on Mar 15

Date: Mar 16, 2018
Shares of Ironveld plc (LON:IRON) last traded at 2.789, representing a move of 3.846%, or 0.089 per share, on volume of 172,795 shares. After opening the trading day at 2.685, shares of Ironveld plc traded in a close range. Ironveld plc currently has a total float of 4.80M shares and on average sees 493,289 shares exchange hands each day. The stock now has a 52-week low of 1.75 and high of 4.5.

The Evolution Of The LSE In 200 Years

Trade and commerce in the UK can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. Today, it plays an important role in global trade and commerce as one of the biggest and most significant contributors.

It is undeniable that the UK is one of the most developed countries in the world as well. Because of this and its constant strive for progress, the global economy is continuously shaping up to become bigger and better through the years.

London Stock Exchange (LSE)

The LSE is the main stock exchange in the UK. It had been founded in 1801, making it one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world.

Today, the LSE is considered as the biggest stock exchange in Europe and the third biggest one in the world. As of the end of the third quarter, more than 2,290 companies are listed on the LSE, bringing its total market capitalization to more than ‘6 trillion.

Presently, the LSE Group (LSEG), which had been founded in October 2007 following the merger of the LSE and the Borsa Italiana, operates the LSE.

Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 Index

The FTSE 100 is the benchmark blue-chip index in the UK. It measures the top 100 companies listed on the LSE as a free-float, market-capitalization-weighted index. As of September, the FTSE 100 has a total market capitalization of ‘1.70 trillion.

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