JUST IN: Eskom To Implement Stage 1 Load Shedding From Monday

Eskom has announced that Stage 1 load shedding will be implemented from 9am until 11pm on Monday.
“It is envisaged that load shedding my continue to be implemented until Thursday and this is due to a number of units still on unplanned breakdowns which will only return during the course of the week,” Eskom said in a statement.
The utility giant said Stage 1 load shedding will help rebuild the emergency reserves that were depleted last week as they did their best to keep the lights on during high equipment breakdowns.
“Implementing load shedding will put Eskom in a better position to meet the rising demand during the week. Work is also continuing to return to service some of the unplanned breakdowns we experienced,” Eskom said.
Eskom said the system is currently constrained, unpredictable and vulnerable.
“Demand has also incrementally risen since January, putting pressure of the ageing fleet. We urge residents to cooperate in managing electricity consumption with care to help in minimising load shedding,” Eskom said.