King River Copper test work yields 99.51% vanadium

Date: Jul 24, 2018

King River Copper Ltd (ASX:KRC) continues to conduct hydrometallurgical test work as part of its vanadium concept study into the production of vanadium, titanium and iron products.

Most notably, a high-purity vanadium pentoxide powder has been produced from the test work assaying 99.51%.

Other products targeted in the test work include standard grade vanadium pentoxide flake grading >98%, titanium dioxide products grading >99%, iron oxide hematite, and vanadium electrolyte.

The production of high-purity vanadium pentoxide assaying 99.51% is another important milestone in King River’s plan to become a manufacturer of vanadium and titanium products.

Future test work will aim to improve upon this positive first result.

Notably, the process route being used is a known technology and potential has been identified for improvements to the vanadium pentoxide purity in future test work.

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