Kunming Iron & Steel announces bidding results for vanadium-nitrogen alloy

Date:Jul 31, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 31 Jul 18 – WISCO Kunming Iron & Steel completed bidding to purchase 30t of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, including 20t at RMB410,200/t (USD78.11/kg V) Inc-VAT delivered D/P and 10t at RMB410,500/t (USD78.17/kg V) Inc-VAT delivered D/P, up by RMB1,400/t (USD0.27/kg V) and RMB1,700/t (USD0.32/kg V) from last purchase respectively. The bidding results meet market expectation and help vanadium prices stay at high level.

The company last purchased 30t of vanadium-nitrogen alloy at RMB408,800/t (USD77.85/kg V) Inc-VAT delivered D/P on July 23th.

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