Kunming Iron & Steel announces bidding results for vanadium-nitrogen alloy

Date:Jul 24, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 24 Jul 18 – WISCO Kunming Iron & Steel completed bidding to purchase 30t of vanadium-nitrogen alloy at RMB408,800/t (USD78.19/kg V) Inc-VAT delivered D/P, up by RMB10,000/t (USD1.91/kg V) from last purchase. Meeting expectation of market participants, the bidding result laid foundation for high prices in Chinese vanadium market although it didn’t make any breakthroughs.

The company last purchased 10t of vanadium-nitrogen alloy at RMB398,800/t (USD76.27/kg V) Inc-VAT delivered D/P on July 4th.

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