Largo Resources expects to produce 8,950-9,950t of vanadium pentoxide in 2018

Date: Mar 26, 2018

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 26 Mar 18 – On March 23, Canadian-based Largo Resources Ltd. released its fiscal 2017 operational results. The Company achieved a new monthly production record of 903 tonnes of V2O5 in December 2017, and a new quarterly production record of 2,539 tonnes of V2O5 for Q4 2017.

During Q4 2017, production output for Maracas Menchen Mine was 1% higher than in Q3 2017. The lowest monthly production in Q4 2017 was in October with an output of 773 tonnes of V2O5, which was lower than expected due to the poor performance of the deammoniator exhaust system. Total production for 2017 was 9,297 tonnes of V2O5, which represents approximately 96.5% of nameplate capacity. Nameplate annual production capacity for the Maracas Menchen Mine is 9,634 tonnes of V2O5, or approximately 26.4 tonnes per day.

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