Load Shedding Break: Eskom Expects Low Demand During Lockdown

South African citizens worried about spending chunks of the COVID-19 lockdown in the dark can breathe a little easier, following Eskom’s announcements that no load shedding is expected in the 21 days.
Rolling blackouts have become a reality for the country’s citizens, more so in the last few months with the embattled power utility struggling to grapple with increased demand.
No load shedding during COVID-19 lockdown
The lockdown came into effect on Friday, forcing the majority of the population indoors in order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.
With many citizens spending more time at home than what is usually the case, there have been concerns over load shedding rearing its ugly head once more in what is an uncertain period.
Eskom has moved to assure the public that the dreaded blackouts are highly unlikely, attributing this to reduced demand for electricity since the start of the national lockdown.
“Eskom does not expect to implement lockdown during the COVID-19 national lockdown. Demand for electricity has dropped by more than 7 500MW since the start of the national lockdown. We anticipate further demand reduction for the duration of the lockdown.”
Eskom’s backup plan during lockdown
The power utility says it has taken some generation units out of action, and those will come into play should the need arise.
They have implemented several measures in order to deal with having a reduced workforce brought about by the lockdown. Among them, they have had to place the philosophy maintenance on hold for the duration of the 21-day period.
“We have instead shifted the focus to carrying out short-term maintenance and other repairs in order to optimise the generation to meet the rising demand after the lockdown.”
Eskom assured that suppliers and maintenance personnel will be on the job to ensure optimum operations.