Lockheed Martin Aiming To Launch Flow Battery To Make Renewables More Useful In “Little More Than A Year”

Date:Apr 27, 2018

Company officials at Lockheed Martin have revealed that they are now aiming to release a new flow battery made of nothing but (or nearly so) inexpensive, nontoxic materials — one intended to boost usage of renewable energy, among other things — in “little more than a year.”

The senior vice president for sustainability and ethics at Lockheed Martin, Leo Mackay, noted to reporters at the company’s Global Vision Center in Virginia that: “You open up a chance not only to make renewables more marketable and more useful, you might even change the structure of at least a portion of the utility market.”

Notably, specific costs and timelines weren’t announced, so who knows exactly what to make of it, although, as noted earlier, the company’s vice president for energy initiatives Frank Armijo stated that the plan was to launch in not much more than a year.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, flow batteries are energy storage devices based around the use of water-soluble electrolytes (or equivalents); as such they can usually more easily handle the scaling-up process, among other things.

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