Low Quotation Of V2O5 Flakes Spot Is Rare With Weak Quotation Of Vn Alloy

www.ferroalloynet.com: At the beginning of the week, the quotation of alloy plant mostly refers to the steel bidding price of last week. The VN alloy low quotation is 144000 yuan / ton with tax by cash or 147000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the low quotation of ferrovanadium is 99000 yuan / ton by cash or 103000 yuan / ton by acceptance. There are not many V2O5 flakes in stock, and the quotation by the consignor is 94500 yuan / ton by cash. The intention to reduce the offer are not strong. The demand for vanadium alloy in steel mill is weak; the purchasing enthusiasm is not high; the purchasing price of vanadium alloy is on the high side; the export price of ferrovanadium and VN alloy are weak, and the pressure of manufacturers is large.

Last week, the price of VN alloy was at 147000 yuan / ton by acceptance, remaining stable. It was very difficult for steel mills to reduce the price again. Some VN manufacturers offered firm prices and had low intention to ship at low prices. In addition, the vanadium manufacturers had low intention to reduce the price.