Margaret Lake Announces New Margaret Lake Announces New Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Modelsredox Flow Battery Models

Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. (“Margaret Lake” or the “Company”) (DIA.V)(M85.F)(DDIAF) is pleased to announce specifications for four models of its Vanadium Redox Flow Battery energy storage systems (“VFRB-ESS”), and is now in pre-sales and booking orders for projected 2021 delivery. The Company encourages interested system integrators and utilities to contact them for further details.

“We believe our systems will appeal to a wide variety of system integrators and utilities in the renewable energy and power distribution markets, as they have been designed for commercial, industrial, and utility scale operations,” said Jared Lazerson, President and CEO of Margaret Lake.

The Company’s models now offered for pre-sales are the 25kW / 100kWh and 50kW / 200kWh long life modules in 20ft and 40ft container format as well as scalable 5kW and 10kW indoor and outdoor modules. The Company offers utility level modules of 3.6MW / 14.4MWh. Storage systems are available in 4 and 8 hour capacities. The energy storage systems have been designed for the commercial, industrial, and utility scale storage for renewables, peak shaving, and infrastructure applications. Remote management and monitoring are available for all systems.