Maxtech Announces Letter of Interest to Purchase American Strategic Metals Lost Sheep Fluorspar Project and Lost Sheep Mine Adding to Utah Footprint

Date: Sep 21, 2018

Maxtech Ventures Inc. (CSE: MVT) (Frankfurt: M1N) (OTC :MTEHF ) (“Maxtech” or the “Company”) announces it has signed a letter of interest¬† for an option to purchase 100% of American Strategic Metals (“ASM”) and their Lost Sheep Fluorspar Project and the Lost Sheep Mine in Utah.

AMG’s properties are located in Juab County, Utah. All claims, leases, licenses, permits, exploration permits, exploitation concessions, concessions, easements, rights-of-way, certificates and other approvals obtained either before or after the effective date of the signed agreement are included.

Over the last two years, ASM has been focused on proving and producing its Spore Mountain Lost Sheep mine. Additionally, both federal and state permits have been reactivated along with new drilling and geological work.

A US strategic metal, fluorspar has three main markets defined by the purity of the fluorite, 4% makes up ceramic grade fluorite purity 85% to 95%. 47% makes up metspar-CaF2 purity of 60% to 85%. 49% makes up acidspar-florite purity of 85% to 99%. The US Government has taken steps to support the production of strategic domestic production of florite with geological support and the expediting of permits for the national important mineral. A renewed sense of domestic solidarity find industries looking for domestic sources for purchase creating a renewed demand for this non-recyclable essential and strategic mineral.

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