Non-Binding Memorandum Of Understanding Signed Between Avl And Metrowest For Setting Out Vanadium Redox Flow Battery In Australia

There has been a signing of a non-binding memorandum of understanding by the Australian Vanadium Ltd with Metrowest Power Systems; the EPC service provider, for pursuing opportunities to set out the technology of vanadium redox flow battery in Australia. The firms are hopeful about pushing forward with greater projects and making a way for the VRFB technology to give a demonstration of its capabilities.

The new partnership will be dependent on the track record of the Metrowest, as well as, its huge network in the utility and the industrial sector. The technical, marketing and financial capabilities of AVL will be powering the new alliance. VSUN Energy, the latter’s 100 percent owned subsidiary, offers to promote, install, as well as, maintain the energy storage solutions using VRFB technology.

The Managing Director of AVL, Vinvent Algar stated that this agreement will be enabling the firms to work together for bringing to completion some of the bigger project opportunities which they have not been able to tackle on their own. VSUN’s energy and marketing analysis has been very positive, however, due to insufficient experience in implementation, it has surely been hard for persuading the government agencies, for instance, about the skill of the firm and the VRFBs it offers.

The memorandum of understanding is for a primary term of 1 year, during which time both the parties will be investigating the potential for formalizing the association. Metrowest and VSUN Energy will be continuing to provide VRFB from a vast range of manufacturers, with the focus of the joint projects on 250 kilowatt/1 Megawatt hour up to the multi-megawatt scale.

AVL is also working on to develop its Australian Vanadium Project, which is amongst the highest-grade vanadium projects across the world, with 183.6M tons at 0.76 percent vanadium pentoxide.