Panzhihua Vanadium-Titanium High-Tech Zone Actively Carries Out Inspection And Rectification Of Environment Problems

On the morning of August 10, 2019, Panzhihua Vanadium-Titanium High-tech Zone carried out a major inspection and renovation of the ecological environment of the Zone by the relevant departments such as the organization of ecological environment and economic operation. Emphasis is laid on the full coverage inspection of wastewater disposal and discharge in industrial enterprises, operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants, pipelines along rivers, potential environmental safety hazards in long-term shutdown enterprises, and treatment of electric furnace tail gas in yellow phosphorus enterprises. In view of the problems found in the inspection, measures are taken immediately to carry out rectification.

Next, Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium High-tech Zone will strictly administer according to law, continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of ecological environment law enforcement, and severely crack down on all kinds of environmental violations. Strengthen night law enforcement and surprise inspection, combine routine law enforcement with special law enforcement, achieve “no gap, full coverage” of ecological environment supervision, and ensure that the ecological environment quality of the jurisdiction continues to improve.