Protean advances V-KOR battery stack technology

Date: Aug 8, 2018

Protean Energy Ltd (ASX:POW), an energy company focused on the commercialisation of vanadium battery energy storage systems, today provided an update on the leading edge V-KOR vanadium battery technology.

KORID Energy (KORID), the 50% owned subsidiary of POW, has conducted extensive testing on a new high performance cell frame in the patented V-KOR stack technology with the aim of enhancing unit performance whilst reducing size, maintenance requirements and cost.

The battery stack represents approximately 50% of the overall system cost (in a 25kW/100kWh system) and plays an integral role in round trip energy efficiency. The battery stack is a sophisticated combination of numerous components — the most important being the cell frame and the bipolar plate.

Advances in the bipolar plate and cell frame design generate higher power densities and provide opportunities to produce stacks at a substantially reduced cost.

Here the existing battery stack technology (12.5kW stack) can be seen alongside the new compact laser welded technology (12.5kW stack):

Protean battery technologyProtean battery technology

The existing V-KOR stack technology is based on a series of framed bipolar membranes bonded together, sealed and secured using bolts.

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