ROUNDUP: MA’s 0% ‘Clean Peak’, Shanghai Gigafactory 3, Flow batteries in Cali wholesale market

Date: Jan 15, 2019

Massachusetts sets low bar on ‘historic’ clean peak policy

A new ‘Clean Peak’ is being introduced in Massachusetts, although the first iteration of the standard appears to acknowledge that the switch to clean energy is a transitional process – setting the standard at 0%.

The policy was warmly welcomed by industry and experts when first floated and then introduced. The idea is that clean energy inputted to the grid at peak times, when energy is most expensive and in highest demand, is valued higher than polluting fossil fuel energy.

The 2019 Clean Peak Minimum Standard, which came into effect at the start of this year, however, comes with the caveat that the “Massachusetts Peak Energy Standard is currently under development” from the Department of Energy and Resources (DOER).

With that in mind, while further workings of the policy will stipulate a baseline minimum percentage of electricity sales in kilowatt-hours to end customers that must be “met with clean peak certificates”, the first established baseline is set at 0% for the 2019 compliance year.

“After reviewing available information, the statutory definition of clean peak resources, and a number of other factors, DOER determined that approximately 0 MWh were being served by existing clean peak resources during peak load hours as of December 31, 2018, and established the Minimum Standard percentage requirement for retail electricity suppliers in the 2019 compliance year at 0%,” DOER documents stated.

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