Sales Volume Of High-end V Products Of HBIS V-Ti Increased By 97% Month On Month In February, the sales volume of high-end vanadium products increased by 97% on a month on month basis, and the qualified rate of product quality and the fulfillment rate of key customers were stable at 100%.
Since this year, on the premise of effective prevention and control of epidemic situation, HBIS Chengde Vanadium Titanium New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HBIS V-Ti) has firmly grasped the market opportunity of vanadium series products, innovated and optimized the operation mode of production and marketing, established a rapid response mechanism of integration of production, marketing and research, and made every effort to meet the personalized and differentiated needs of customers at home and abroad, with obvious effect.
HBIS V-Ti implements the operation mode of high efficiency and production by sales, and strives to improve the efficiency support ability. Focus on the needs of high-end customer groups, adopt flexible and diverse ways of seamless docking, on the basis of continuously consolidating the market share of high-end vanadium products such as high-end powder V2O5, vanadium flow battery electrolyte, titanium alloy powder, additive manufacturing (3D printing), etc., deeply connect with high-end fields of overseas customers, increase the research and development of customized products, and improve unique products competitiveness. In order to ensure the timely fulfillment of customers’ orders, scientifically coordinate the production capacity matching of each production line, focus on superior resources to build a joint force, the comprehensive service team tracks all links of production, packaging and logistics throughout the process, ensures the product quality qualification rate and contract fulfillment rate, and gets high recognition from customers at home and abroad.