Silver Bull Resources Grants an Option Entitling South32 to Form a 70/30 Joint Venture in the Sierra Mojada Project for an Aggregate Investment of US$100 Million

Date: Jun 5, 2018

Silver Bull Resources, Inc. (TSX:SVB) (OTCQB:SVBL) (“Silver Bull”) is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with a wholly owned subsidiary of South32 Limited (ASX/JSE/LSE: S32) (“South32”) whereby Silver Bull has granted South32 an option to form a 70/30 joint venture with respect to Silver Bull’s Sierra Mojada project (“Project”). To maintain the option in good standing, South32 must contribute minimum exploration funding of US$10 million (“Initial Funding”) during a 4 year option period with minimum aggregate exploration funding of US$3 million, US$6 million and US$8 million to be made by the end of years 1, 2 and 3 of the option period respectively. South32 may exercise its option to subscribe for 70% of the shares of Minera Metalin S.A. De C.V. (“Metalin”), the wholly owned subsidiary of Silver Bull which holds the claims in respect of the Project, by contributing $US100 million to Metalin for Project funding, less the amount of the Initial Funding contributed by South32 during the option period. Highlights of the Agreement

Silver Bull and South32 have entered into an agreement whereby Silver Bull has granted South32 an option to subscribe for a 70% interest in Silver Bull’s Mexican subsidiary Metalin for a subscription price of US$100 million less the Initial Funding amount (the “Subscription Amount”). The Subscription Amount will be used to fund expenditure on exploration and development costs on the Project. Once the Subscription Amount has been spent on the Project the parties will each fund their pro rata portion of all future Project funding. To maintain the option in good standing South32 must spend a minimum of $US10 million over the next four years. Should South32 elect not to continue with the Project during the four year option period, the Project will remain 100% owned by Silver Bull.

The first year’s exploration program, planned to start as soon as possible, will involve a regional airborne electromagnetic survey, followed by a targeted drilling program on the Project. Initial targets will include extensions of the sulphide zones recently identified by Silver Bull and the Palomas Negros area. The exploration program will be initially managed by Silver Bull.

Option Funding Phase

To keep the option in good standing South32 will contribute a minimum of US$10 million by way of four annual tranches during the four year option period to fund exploration at the Sierra Mojada project. Provided that all the exploration data and information has been made available 60 days prior to each anniversary of the option agreement, South32 shall decide 30 days prior to the relevant anniversary whether or not to fund a further tranche.

If South32 exercises the option, the Subscription Amount shall be paid to Metalin in one tranche within sixty days. Should South32 elect to withdraw the option will lapse and South32 will have no further interest in or claim against either the Project or Metalin.

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