Stable Production Enterprise Of Ammonium Metavanadate In March With the gradual alleviation of the domestic epidemic situation, the number of ammonium metavanadate production enterprises returned to work increased, and the production of ammonium metavanadate enterprises in Hubei area has not yet been resumed. Some manufacturers disclosed that they expected to resume production in mid April, waiting for the notice of the government. At present, there are several stable production enterprises as follows:

Manufacturer Product
Shaanxi Huayuan Mining Co., Ltd. AMV
Guanghan Linyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd. AMV
Guanghan Chuanhan Metallurgical Charge Co., Ltd. AMV
CHALCO Shandong Co., Ltd. AMV
Dalian Dongtai Resource Regeneration Co., Ltd. AMV
Luofan Technology Co., Ltd. AMV
Hebei Xinrui Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd. AMV
Chengde Zhuyu Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd. APV
Xichang Helituoxin Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd. APV