Steel Mills Begin To Invite Tenders One After Another This Week Up to now, Laiwu Steel, Nanjing Steel, Kunming Steel, Anyang Steel, Hubei steel, Echeng Steel and other steel mills have issued bidding documents, most of which are closed within this week. The mainstream large steel mills are also planning to purchase. The long-term quiet vanadium market is about to start a purchasing boom. The latest quotation issued by large V2O5 flake plants last week remains unchanged, supporting the downstream bidding quotation to strengthen the market, so raw materials suppliers in bulk market move to wait-and-see. On the one hand, downstream procurement is not much; On the other hand, we will wait and see if the bidding performance of the downstream alloy plants is strong.
Today, the domestic raw material market quotation has remained at the level of last Friday, but the quantity of quotation has decreased. The suppliers think that it is not easy to make a deal at present, so it is better to wait and see the bidding result and actual purchase intention of alloy plants. At present, the spot price of V2O5 flake is in the range of 101000-101500 yuan / ton in cash, while the price of ammonium polyvanadate and metallurgical ammonium metavanadate has dropped to the level of 96000-97000 yuan / ton in cash, and the price of chemical grade has little change. Before the bidding of steel plants, the large V2O5 flake plants said that the quotation remained unchanged at 107000 yuan / ton by acceptance, hoping to support the mentality of downstream alloy plants from the raw material end. However, the performance of small factories and retailers was not good, and the overall mentality of the alloy factories have also been shaken. How to carry out the game remains to be seen.
At present, the quotation of ferrovanadium processing manufacturers is high but the transaction is less. According to the manufacturers, the current transaction price is about 105000 yuan / ton in cash, and the order volume is small. The quotation of ferrovanadium in bulk market is 104000 yuan / ton in cash, while the spot price of imported ferrovanadium is 102000 yuan / ton. The price of future goods is even lower. The direct purchasing price of some steel mills is as low as 105000 yuan / ton by acceptance. The overall market performance is weak.
Due to the opening of bidding this week, only few VN alloy manufacturers are willing to offer at the beginning of the week. The negotiation between manufacturers and steel mills will become the focus of attention this week. The release of bidding price will provide guidance for the alloy market and the raw material market. It is expected that the manufacturers will mainly support the price in the general direction, but the bidding participated by traders is uncontrollable. At present, a small amount of VN alloy was traded around 160000 yuan / ton in cash, and the news of some low-priced transaction has shaken the market mentality.