The 16th International Manganese Product Summit and The Sign in for 2019 Industry Annual Award Ceremony Ulanqab is a Mongolian language, translated as “Hongshankou”. The City of Ulanqab has an advantageous geographical location. Among the 12 League cities under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ulanqab is the closest city to Beijing, and the “Qiaotoubao” of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to enter in east and out in west, and the junction point of the North-South Link. It is the transportation junction to enter the three economic circles of Northeast, North and Northwest in China, it is also an important international channels for China to Mongolia, Russia and eastern Europe.

It is the prairie season in August, the 16th International Manganese Product Summit and 2019 Industry Annual Award Ceremony of FerroAlloyNet together with many manganese enterprises in the manganese industry hinterland, and enjoy the Mongolian style together. The Sponsors of this conference: Jitie Ferroalloy co. LTD, Ulanqab Xiongwei Guangda New Material co. LTD, INNER MONGOLIA PUYUAN IRON ALLOY CO. LTD, Huade Tiancheng IRON ALLOY CO. LTD, Inner Mongolia Xinchuang Metallurgy co. LTD, (Minmetals) Hunan Ferroalloy co. LTD, Chayou Qianqi Tengfei IRON ALLOY CO. LTD, Xinghe Shanhe Special Steel co. LTD, Chayou Qianqi Mengfa IRON ALLOY CO. LTD, Chayou Qianqi Xinchuang IRON ALLOY CO. LTD. This meeting is composed of conference sign-in + trade fairs + award presentation ceremony + keynote speech + factory visit.

On August 28th, the afternoon at 13:00, the conference sign-in officially started. Many representatives of manganese enterprises arrived at Howard Johnson hall on the second floor of the conference. Under the guidance of FerroAlloyNet staff, they started to sign in and get materials, and at the same time they got to know each other and exchanged business cards.

At 14:00 PM, the trade fair starts officially. The meeting we also set up separate trade tables for some companies, FerroAlloyNet staff arrange docking enterprises at the table to discuss according to enterprise supply and demand information. The enterprises can make an appointment on the spot if they have intention, at the same time, the screen rolls play enterprise supply and demand information in order to arrive best trade results. Each enterprise can be in deep communication, exchanging business cards, reaching a preliminary intention of cooperation, establishing a preliminary cooperative relationship.