The Domestic Vanadium Market Operates With Pressure This Week This week, the upstream and downstream of domestic vanadium market all fell slightly, among which the price of raw materials in bulk market is about 94000 yuan / ton due to the small price change of bulk market, a small amount of spot transaction is between 93500-94000 yuan / ton, and the transaction price of Panzhihua vanadium processing plants is also 94000 yuan / ton by cash and 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Recently, V2O5 flakes in bulk market quoted for shipment is relatively active. The price of vanadium nitrogen alloy purchased by some traders is about 142000-143000 yuan / ton by cash.

In terms of external market, vanadium price in the international market has also followed the downward trend in recent days. With the spread of pneumonia in the world, the spot circulation of the international vanadium market has been affected to some extent, and the market trading is more light. Although the domestic epidemic has been controlled, the vanadium market is still facing certain weakness.