The Future of Clean Energy: Storage News Roundup

Date: Sep 24, 2018

Long-term energy storage and battery technologies are both essential components of a renewable energy transition, and never before has that been so clear. Recent developments in this sector are bringing new light to this emerging technology. We’re looking at a few of the most interesting energy storage technology developments below.

StorEn Technology's Vanadium Flow Battery Prototype Outpacing Expectations

US Department of Energy Commits $30 Million to Long-Term Energy Storage Solutions

In May 2018, the US DOE made a $30 million funding commitment to long-term battery solutions through its Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) office. In its funding, it chose to define “long-term” as starting at 10 hours and extending up to 100 hours of stored energy to help secure storage for the grid.

Funding from the new program, called Duration Addition to ElectricitY Storage (DAYS), is open to any technology able to meet siting, output, and cycle requirements. Read more here.

The Latest Development in Energy Storage Technology

While much of the conversation about battery storage – that which powers our phones and our electric cars – is focused on lithium-ion batteries, three important words are expected to help in the transition to clean energy: Vanadium Flow Battery.

Vanadium flow batteries are a residential and utility-scale solution for long-term storage. To learn more about how this battery technology is different and how vanadium flow batteries change the landscape of long-term energy storage, read our article about the benefits of vanadium flow batteries.

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