The Mainstream Bidding Has Been Settled, And The Future Vanadium Market Still Depends On The Trend Of Raw Materials Up to now, the centralized bidding from steel plants has been basically settled, and the bidding prices of the mainstream steel mills have been finalized. So far, the bidding price of steel in the downstream alloy market and the spot transaction price in the market are basically at the same level, and the phenomenon of low quotation is reduced. The main reason is that the quotation of large V2O5 flake plants is relatively high, which is difficult to complete the transaction. After the completion of the bidding, the main factor affecting the future market will be the supply of raw materials. Both V2O5 flake suppliers and purchasers pay close attention to the trend of large factories.
At present, the mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flake is around 100000 yuan / ton in cash. Some VN alloy plants said that they have also purchased goods slightly lower than this price, and the spot quotation is still between 100000 yuan / ton and 101000 yuan / ton. VN alloy manufacturers purchase on demand and slightly depress the price at about 99000 yuan / ton. The alloy factory is still pessimistic about the future market, and basically does not keep excess inventory except for orders.
The spot transaction price of ferrovanadium is about 102000-102500 yuan / ton in cash, and there is also higher price at 103000 yuan / ton. There are many sources of goods quoted at 104000 yuan / ton in cash but only few transactions made by the price. There is almost no profit margin for ferrovanadium processing plant, and the price of ferrovanadium is difficult to continue to fall in the short term.
At present, the low-level price of VN alloy manufacturers is 155000 yuan / ton in cash. Yesterday, ZENITH set a price of 157000 yuan / ton by acceptance. The lowest transaction price in bulk market is 154000-154500 yuan / ton in cash. Yesterday, Benxi Steel opened the bid for 30 tons of VN alloy. It is learned that the low price is 160000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Today, the bidding result will be finally finalized. At the end of the bidding, the sales price of the alloy end is relatively clear, but the subsequent quotation and shipment of large factories will directly fluctuate the cost price of VN alloy processing plants. Therefore, the VN alloy plants are still waiting for the decision of large V2O5 flake plants and are not easy to purchase raw materials.