The Price Of V2O5 Flake In Bulk Market Is Firm And The Cost Of Alloy Is Increased As the price of V2O5 flake in bulk market this month has been lower than that quoted by large factories for a long time, alloy factories prefer materials in bulk market for procurement, rendering the bulk materials gradually face a tight supply. As the steel bidding is approaching, some VN alloy factories are about to receive orders for delivery, and the inquiry for vanadium raw materials is increasing, but the overall market supply of vanadium end is not in short supply, and the quotation of large factories is higher than that of bulk. Part of the inventory are remained. At present, it is difficult to inquire at the price of 92500 yuan / ton by cash in bulk market. Some manufacturers have slightly adjusted their intended purchase price to 93000 yuan / ton. Some vanadium manufacturers have recently concluded a deal of 93500 yuan / ton.

In terms of vanadium alloy, the centralized steel bidding has not yet come, and small steel mills have delayed to see the bidding results of large steel mills. The inquiry at the alloy end is temporarily cold, and some manufacturers have some pressure on the spot stock. At present, most of the manufacturers offer in the range of 142000-143000 yuan / ton by cash, and the small firmness at the raw material end makes some of the low-priced VN alloy plants raise their offer. The performance of this round of steel bidding for vanadium nitrogen alloy will affect the overall trend of vanadium market The increase of bulk material price has squeezed the downward space of alloy price, and the market is stable in the short term.